FAQ#7: What Is The Difference In Preparing To Preach Indoors Vs. Outdoors?

We all have the potential to have an impact. It comes down to possessing the tools to have an impact effectively.


Miguel Lebron (co-founder of TQP Ministries) has been preaching, teaching and mentoring for over 10 years now. Over that time period, he has received many questions, some of which have been frequently asked questions. In this series, Miguel Lebron aims to answer 10 of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Today's question -  what is the difference in preparing to preach indoors vs. outdoors? 

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"Pilots, to a large degree, are like salesmen. They have to be confident to be good at their jobs. They have to practice relentlessly and plan out all the scenarios of the things that could happen when they're out there. Nothing is more important than preparation. They are also mighty competitive, both as individuals and as squadrons." - Simon Sinek
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