Noe Gonzalez

Creator of Jafet Images. Nominated for a RocAward in 2018 for photographer of the year. Co-founder of Good Deeds In The Rock with his wife and yet God's Servant is the title he seeks.


Noe Gonzalez appeared on season 2 episode 2 of the TQP Ministries podcast. In his conversation with Miguel Lebron (Co-founder of TQP Ministries) he discussed the importance of a balanced life, prayerfully creating goals and how to be the miracle as a pose to simply wait for one.

Noe Gonzalez (Jafet Images Photography)

Jafet Images

Jafet Images is all about capturing life's unforgettable moments. The name Jafet comes from the Hebrew name יֶפֶת (Yefet) meaning "enlarged". 

Good Deeds In The Rock

This organization works with the goal to feed the hungry, and help the needy in the Rochester area. They have been able documente the work they are doing, watch this video now!

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