FAQ #1 - How Do You Come Up With A Message?

We all have the potential to have an impact. It comes down to possessing the tools to have an impact effectively. Miguel Lebron (co-founder of TQP Ministries) has done public speaking, preaching, teaching and mentoring for ten plus years. He has done so in Spanish and English. In front of large groups, small groups, indoors and even outdoors. Over the years there are a number of questions that people have asked, however, there are always some frequently asked questions.


Today Miguel Lebron answers the question "How do you come up with a message?" Not only does he answer this question on today's episode, but he has also written a blog titled "the Cockpit Checklist".

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When you board a plane as a passenger your biggest concern is where you are going to sit or next to whom it may be. However, when boarding the plane as the pilot, you must go through a cockpit checklist to ensure all the preventive and safety measures have been met. Here is your cockpit checklist before preaching!