How To Become A Skyscraper

What Is A Skyscraper?

There are two definitions of a Skyscraper.

1.      a relatively tall building of many stories, especially one for office or commercial use.

2.      Architecture. a building of exceptional height completely supported by a framework, as of girders, from which the walls are suspended, as opposed to a building supported by load-bearing walls.


In an article published in May 2014, by BBC titled Future - How high can you build a skyscraper? It was stated that “By 2050, 75% of us will be living in cities, which means that building into the clouds is a serious business.” (BBC.com, 2014) Skyscrapers however, could not have been built without Elisha Graves Otis's invention. Otis opened a small factory on the banks of the Hudson River in Yonkers, New York, on September 20, 1853, to make elevators, fully equipped with his newly invented automatic safety device. The world's first safety elevator for passengers, installed in 1857 in a New York store. (americaslibrary, n.d.)

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Some Of The Worlds Tallest Skyscrapers

#6. Standing at 1,776 feet tall and 104 stories, One World Trade Center is not only the tallest building in the city of New York City, and the United States, but also the entire Western Hemisphere.

#2. The Shanghai Tower, with 121 floors that stand 2,073 feet tall, is the second tallest building in the world. The construction of Shanghai Tower began in 2006 and took eight years of work before its completion in March of 2014.

#1. The Burj Khalifa, originally known as the Burj Dubai, towers above the city's already burgeoning skyline. It has 163 floors and a height of 2,717 feet tall, and is the tallest building in the world. (Writer, 2017)


Becoming A Skyscraper

I think there is something we can learn here, we can learn how to become a Skyscraper. So, what is a Skyscraper? A Skyscraper is always in the clouds. You've probably heard someone say, “get your head out of the clouds” for a Skyscraper, that's where they belong. The view point is much different, you see the clouds but also what's past them. Whereas others, can only see the conflict out issue before them. A Skyscraper can see past the mountain of adversity whereas others, can't even fathom there's more on the other side.

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How do you become a Skyscraper?

Location, location, location.


Know the location you're in so that you may best serve those in that location. Also, know the location you're heading towards so that you may plan for possible roadblocks. (Foresight)


Solid Foundation.

A building is only as strong as its support. Surround yourself with people that will nourish your vision. A weak foundation will bring forth frustration and inconsistency. In fact, it will become a wheel were inconsistency brings forth insecurities which give birth to frustration. The Skyscraper (that could have been) will stay at ground level.


Investors are not just those that financially support the mission. The greatest currency we all have access to is time. Some invest their time weight and others miss manage it, becoming bankrupt emotionally in the process. When you have good investors, they will deposit in you something that is much more valuable than gold.


Burj Khalifa (the current tallest building in the world) took 5 years to build. This takes time. To become a Skyscraper, you must understand that there will be growing pains. It will require the support of many and time is of the essence. We cannot rush time, he is still undefeated. However, we cannot hope to make the dust system due to our misadministration of time. It's the greatest currency we have, let's be good stewards of it and respect the process.


Your vision must be so big it scares people! They'd either be scared to lose an opportunity to be a part of something so big or scared to take on the challenge. A vision is just that, something you see. To become Skyscraper, you've got to have your head in the clouds and see what no one else is seeing.

Bonus Tip:

Have a working compass in this journey. Your compass is your morals, the things you stand for. As Malcolm X once said, “if you stand for something, you'll fall for anything”. The biggest things that has caused the ruins of many Skyscrapers is that they forgot their North.

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