growth · 07. March 2018
When you board a plane as a passenger your biggest concern is where you are going to sit or next to whom it may be. However, when boarding the plane as the pilot, you must go through a cockpit checklist to ensure all the preventive and safety measures have been met. Before taking flight as a preacher here are seven things to do and one to keep in mind once you are airborne.
growth · 04. March 2018
January 15th is statistically the cut off date, if you are not working your goal leading up to that date then you will not get past that date. Why? We should all be able to set effective goals and have an impact! In this blog titled "how to effectively set goals," Miguel Lebron (co-founder of TQP Ministries) provides 3 key things we need in order to set an effective goal.

growth · 02. January 2018
Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” The view is great when you are on top, but what do you do when you have hit a plateau?
growth · 30. October 2017
You've probably heard someone say “get your head out of the clouds” for a Skyscraper, that's where they belong. The biggest things that has caused the ruins of many Skyscrapers is they have forgot their North.